Selected Journals, Magazines, E-tools, and Related Web Sites on Sustainable Design

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Selected Journals, Magazines and News Clippings on Sustainable Design

Architecture - www.architecturemag.com/architecture/index.jsp
Environmental Building News - www.buildinggreen.com
Eco-structure - www.eco-structure.com
Landscape Architecture - www.asla.org/nonmembers/lam.cfm
Metropolis - www.metropolismag.com
Natural Home - www.naturalhomemagazine.com
Permaculture Journal - www.permacultureinternational.org
Solar Today - www.solartoday.org
The Last Straw - www.strawhomes.com

Greenclips - http://www.greenclips.com
Solar e-clips - http://www.californiasolarcenter.org/solareclips/solareclips.html


Related E*-Tool Links

Building Energy Software Tools Directory (last updated Feb 2003):
A comprehensive site with energy (including environmental and economic) modeling software from the US and abroad.

Ecological Footprint estimate (2002):
A tool for estimating the impact of your lifestyle on the planet.

EPA Calculator Tools (May 2004):
A tool box for various green house gas (GHG) emissions conversion calculators.

(*) E-tools=electronic energy and environmental modeling tools.

Other links:

California Integrated Waste Management Board links to green building issues


1 May 2004