Annual Programs

  • The Fall Regional Conference (FRC) which is in Denver, CO from November 4th-6th, is utilized to create an atmosphere for technical development, professional etiquette, cultural awareness, as well as networking among members and professionals. This is where members learn more of the NSBE history, participate in a career fair, and become active regional and national members. Members also have an opportunity to display their talents in events such as the academic technical bowl and oratorical contests.
  • The National Convention which is in Kansas City, MO from March 29th-April 2nd, is where thousands of students gather from across the United States and the world to evaluate the previous years' achievements, elect national and regional officers for the upcoming academic year, and plan strategies and methods of implementation for future programs. This is the largest and most expensive event that NSBE participates in annually. This is also the opportunity for members to come in contact with the past and present leaders of the organization and discover their own leadership abilities. The convention features a career fair much larger than FRC in which companies from around the nation are invited. Members also partake in workshops, a graduate school fair, seminars, NSBE forums, and an awards banquet.
  • Field Trips/Corporate Speakers expose members to the corporate environment. Members witness professionals on the job through the “Shadow an Engineer” and group field trips. The speakers help members focus on a career interest and understand what is necessary to advance in the professional world.
  • Fundraising events such as Open House (held in April), is an annual event hosted by the university. It is one of the pedestals that NSBE uses to support the non-profit organization, build camaraderie, and most importantly, showcase itself to incoming students and the public at large.
  • Social events are a necessity for balance among college students; especially those in technical based fields. A trip to a theme park, camping, bowling, and movie nights are a few of the activities planned for the year in order to provide bonding experiences and retreats from academic stresses.
  • Alumni Extension Initiative is a program designed to introduce college students to former students who are now in their respective industries. This is a chance for our members to gain experience in their field of study by seeing firsthand how the industry works.