Committee Stucture

Each executive position has committees under them. Each committee has a committee chair(s).


Social Committee - is to aid in the planning and execution of events, get-togethers, member retreats and other socials, which will contribute to the strengthening of the SBES and campus community.

Academic Excellence Committee - is responsible for organizing study sessions for the membership as well as maintaining test files. They also implement the Academic Excellence and Achievers Plus programs and create scholastic incentives.

Open House Committee - is responsible for attending the Open House meetings, completing the Open House packet. They will be responsible for organizing, fundraising and providing a budget for Open House to present to the Executive Board for approval.

Web Development Committee - is responsible for promoting SBES through the medium of the Internet (i.e. web page, email, etc.) This committee follows the direction of the regional telecommunications chair. They will work with all committees and the Executive Board to be sure that information is presented about all club happenings. They are also responsible in increasing the technical awareness of the members of SBES and providing services such as the development of the SBES member resume CD.

Publications Committee - is responsible for publicizing SBES within the community and on the national level. They obtain or compose articles to be submitted in various newsletters about SBES events and happenings. They are also responsible for handling advertising for the club such as the production of flyers, banners, and newsletters.

Membership Committee - is responsible for maintaining up to date information of all the members, constantly recruiting new members and promoting SBES during school events (i.e. UU hour, WOW).

Finance Committee - spearheads corporate solicitation. They are responsible for creating solicitation packages and presentations and getting them to companies. The Finance Committee works closely with the Treasurer.

Retention Chair - Works closely with the Programs Director to organize Open House, Club Showcase, and the Mentor-Mentee program.

Torch Chair - Responsible for organizing community outreach and volunteering events.

PCW Chair - Spearheads Poly-Cultural Weekend (PCW), a weekend where cultural clubs come together to host students who have been conditionally accepted to Cal Poly.

Social Media Chair - Responsible for maintaining up to date information for all members on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Finance Chair - Works closely with the Treasurer on fundraising events and budgeting.