Current C³RP Projects

Project Investigator (PI) Department Co-PI(s)/Outside Collaborator(s) Project Title
Bellardo, John Computer Science   Efficient Point-to-Point Communication Infrastructure for Low Earth Orbit Satellites
Blank, Jason Biological Sciences   Does Ethanol Nullify the Benefits of Exercise in Skeletal Muscle?
Chen, John
Mechanical Engineering Joseph Mello, Mechanical Engineering Assessment of Sonic IR for Detection of Subsurface Damage in Composite Panels
Clague, David
Biomedical and General Engineering Phil Costanzo, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Luke Lee, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley
Aptamer-based Clinical Diagnostics Using Paper MicroFluidic Platforms
Costanzo, Phil Chemistry and Biochemistry   Development of Thermally Responsive Binders Designed for Insensitive Munitions Applications
Derickson, Dennis Electrical Engineering Freedom Photonics LLC, Santa Barbara 0.85 Micron and 1.3 Micron Sampled Grating Distributed Bragg Reflector (SGDBR) Lasers for Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT), LADAR and Optical Sensing Applications
Dolan, Dale Electrical Engineering John Dunning, Research Scholar in Residence
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Grid Connectivity
Elghandour, Eltahry Aerospace Engineering Eric Kaspar, Civil Engineering
Faysal Kolkailah, Aerospace Engineering
Damage Arrestment of Composite Sandwich Panels for Naval and Aircraft Applications
Fidopiastris, Pat Biological Sciences Vladimir Prodanov, Electrical Engineering
Christopher Clark, Computer Science
Developing a Visual Tracking System for Small Marine Animal Research
Keller, Melinda Mechanical Engineering Eric Matthys, Mechanical Engineering, UCSB
Advanced Lab Group
Investigation of Floating Tube Heat Exchangers with Applications in Power Generation, Biofuel Growth, and Clean Water
Laiho, Lily Biomedical and General Engineering Robert Crockett, Biomedical and General Engineering
InfoHealthNetwork, Inc., Dr. Ted Burdumy, Santa Maria
Development of a Virtualization Platform for Airway Device Development
Lundquist, Tryg Civil and Environmental Engineering Yarrow Nelson, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Christopher Kitts, Biological Sciences
Mark Moline, Biological Sciences
Corinne Lehr, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Overcoming Barriers to Affordable Algae Biofuels: Phase 2
Lundquist, Tryg Civil and Environmental Engineering   Investigation, Design, Testing of Compact "Envelope" filter for use with the Cal Poly Waterbag
Palandoken, Hasan Chemistry and Biochemistry   Alkoxyamine Polymers: Versatile Materials for 'Ever-Sterile' Surfaces
Pan, John Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Cree Santa Barbara Technology Center, Goleta
Seesmart, Simi Valley
Materials and Methods of Interconnections in LED Packaging
Pohl, Jens Architecture Hisham Assal, CADRC
Franz Kurfess, Computer Science
John Seng, Computer Science
Partnering Traditional Natural Language Processing NLP with Semantic Analysis
Prodanov, Vladimir Electrical Engineering   High Efficiency Linear RF Amplifiers: An Experimental Study
Qu, Bing Civil and Environmental Engineering   Use of Unstiffened Steel Plates to Prevent Progressive Collapse of Existing Steel Building Frames with Simple Beam-to-Column Connections
Rahman, Shikha Civil and Environmental Engineering   Optimal Contamination Monitoring Station Locations in Water Distribution Systems Using Heuristic Method
Ridgely, John Mechanical Engineering Patrick Lemieux, Mechanical Engineering Sensors and Controls for Cal Poly Wind Power Research Center
Saliklis, Ed Architectural Engineering Robert Arens, Architecture Rapidly Assembly Emergency Shelters, Phase II
Singh, Jay Industrial Technology Lansmont Corporation, Monterey Blunt Impact Performance Evaluation of Military Helmet Lining Systems
Vorst, Keith Industrial Technology Phil Costanzo, Chemistry
Greg Curtzwiler, Chemistry, Univ. of S. Miss.
Aeromech Engineering
Methodology for Functionalizing Carbon Nanotubes to Reduce Production Time and Cost
Wood, Zoe Computer Science   Scientific Visualization of Massive Underwater Science Data Acquired from Underwater Robots

Completed C³RP Projects

Project Investigator (PI) Department Project Title
Adams, Nikki Biological Sciences Molecular Sensors and Defenses Against Ultraviolet Radiation
Ahlgren, William
Grimes, Joseph
Electrical EngineeringDesign Methodologies for Analog/Mixed Signal VSLI Systems Applied to Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
Alptekin, Sema
DeTurris, Dianne
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Development of an Autonomous Tactical Reconnaissance Platform
Arakaki, DeanElectrical EngineeringWireless System Development of Reduced-size Aperture Radiators, Wireless Interfaces for Biomedical Systems, and Radiated Emissions

Development of Wideband Microstrip Geometries, RFID Tag Mounting Structures, and Radiated Emissions Testing Capabilities

Antenna Bandwidth Improvement and Emissions and Mounting Structure Studies
Barjami, SaimirPhysicsQuenched Random Disorder in Soft Condensed Matter
Beckett, Jonathon
Beckett, Deborah
Animal ScienceDevelopment of Multi-Marker Genetic Testing Protocols for Fresh Versus Cryopreserved Bovine Embryos
Bellardo, JohnComputer ScienceCommunication within Satellite Constellations
Bensky, TomPhysicsHigh Resolution Laser-based Sea-floor Monitoring at Avila Bay

Real-time Underwater Optical Sensing of Seawater at Avila Bay

Optical Detection Airborne Micrometer-sized Particulate Matter
Biezad, DanielAerospace EngineeringNon-Linear Aircraft Simulation for Aircraft Test and Design
Birdsong, Charles
Schuster, Peter
Mechanical EngineeringSensing System for Automatic Human Detection
Black, Michael
Jimenez-Flores, Rafael
Biological Sciences
Dairy Science
Construction of a Probiotic Peptidase Delivery System to Maximize Human Health
Cardinal, TrevorBiomedical and General EngineeringEffects of Ischemic Injury on Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Repair
Chadwell, CharlesCivil and Environmental EngineeringSeismic Investigation of the Rigid Body Rocking of Portable Steel Wine Barrel Stacks
Chadwell, Charles
Goel, Rakesh
Civil and Environmental EngineeringSeismic Safety Evaluation of Portable Wine Barrel Stacks
Chen, Katherine
Kasper, Eric
Hall, Garrett
Materials Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hydrogen and Residual Stress Effects on the Performance of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
Chen, Katherine
Kingsbury, Kevin
Brown, Ronald
Kitts, Christopher
Materials Engineering
Development of Field Rechargeable Gas Mask Filters
Clague, David
Szlavik, Rob
Biomedical and General EngineeringSingle Cell Impedance Sensing for Pathogen Detection and Disease Quantification
Clark, Chris
Moline, Mark
Computer ScienceMulti-AUV Path Optimization for Improved Ocean Model Forecasting
Colvin, KurtIndustrial and Manufacturing EngineeringExploitation of Network Bandwidth and the Ethernet/IP Application Layer Standard for Automation Networks
Crockett, Robert
Niebuhr, David
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Materials Engineering
Meso-Scale Composites via Solid Freeform Fabrication
Crockett, Robert
Peterson, Dan
Jimenez-Flores, Rafael
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Animal Science
Dairy Science
Three-Dimensional Scaffolds for Mammary Epithelial Cell Growth
Cummings, RussellAerospace EngineeringGas Pocket Models for High Velocity Underwater Projectiles
Davol, AndrewMechanical EngineeringHeat Collection Element Glass to Metal Seal Redesign for Solar Power Generation Plant
Delagrammatikas, George
Birdsong, Charles
Murray, William
Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of a GDI HCCI Engine for Combustion Sensing and Control Studies
DePiero, FredElectrical EngineeringRange Sensing and Real-Time Registration
Derickson, DennisElectrical EngineeringLIDAR Applications Enabled by Fast Wavelength-tuning Single-chip Wavelength Tunable SGDBR Lasers
De Turris, Dianne
Alptekin, Sema
Aerospace Engineering
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Development of an Autonomous Tactical Reconnaissance Platform

Remote Sensing from an Autonomous Tactical Reconnaissance Platform
Echols, RobertPhysicsImproving Power Conversion Efficiencies of Polymer Based Solar Cells
Fernsler, Jonathan
Barjami, Saimir
Saunders, Karl
PhysicsAn Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Electro-optical Response of a New Type of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
Frame, Samuel
Yago, Jason
StatisticsFeature Selection and Boosted Classification Algorithms for Detecting Pedestrians
Gillen, KatharinaPhysicsDesign and Construction of a Magneto-optical Trap for Experimental Investigation of Atomic Dipole Traps for Quantum Computing

Experimental Investigation of Diffraction Patterns as Atomic Dipole Traps for Quantum Computing
Gragson, DerekChemistry and BiochemistryExploring the Design and Fabrication of Nanoscale Architectures Fashioned via Layer-by-Layer Adsorption of Polyelectrolytes
Griffith, ElizabethPhysicsRevealing Coastal Currents and Their Causes: Using Ocean Drifters to Measure Velocity, Temperature and Salinity in San Luis Obispo Bay with Techniques to Extract Velocity Fields, Turbulence Statistics and Water Residence Time

Measuring Ocean Surface Velocity and Improving Estimates of Coastal Surface Currents in San Luis Bay, with Application to Other Bays and Coastlines
Hall, GarrettCivil and Environmental EngineeringMilitary Vehicle Surveillance System
Hall, Garrett
Kasper, Eric
Civil and Environmental EngineeringNumerical Simulation of an Active Protection System
Hanson, JamesCivil and Environmental EngineeringDevelopment of Compaction Procedures for Optimum Placement of Wastes in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Using GPS
Harfenist, StevenPhysicsProduction, Characterization and Self-Assembly of Passivated and Functionalized Metal Nanoparticles
Haungs, Michael
Strohman, Rollin
Mastin, Tom
Computer Science
Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering
Rapid Delivery of Massive Geospatial Data over Internet2
Hazelwood, ScottBiomedical and General EngineeringBone Mass Preservation and Fracture Risk Assessment with Bisphosphonate Therapy
Herter, RobertaUniversity Center for Teacher Education (UCTE)When Johnny's Dad Can't Read : Using Technology to Close the Adult Literacy Gap
Higgins, BrianFast, Remote, Infrared Spectroscopy of a Rocket Plume
Immoss, ChadChemistry and BiochemistryDevelopment of Reactive Polymer Coatings for Chemical Weapons Degradation
Jansen, DanielCivil and Environmental EngineeringUse of Shape Memory Alloys in Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composites

Toughening Mechanisms of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composites
Jansen, Daniel
Rahim, Ashraf
Civil and Environmental EngineeringCement Stabilized Recycled Aggregates for Roadway Base
Jimenez-Flores, Rafael
Black, Michael
Dairy Products Technology CenterProteomic Approach to Evaluation of Dairy Components for Improvement of Human Performance
Jimenez-Flores, Rafael
Walsh, Dan
Nelson, Yarrow
College of Agriculture
College of Engineering
Correlation of Milk Composition and Fouling with Biofilm Formation and Microbial Spore Production in Heat Exchangers
Jin, XiaominElectrical EngineeringVCSEL-based Optical Transmitter System Using Injection-Locking Technique

Investigation of Photonic Lattice-based Gallium-nitride Light Emitters
Kelly, ShaunBioresource and Agricultural EngineeringDevelopment of Methods for In-situ Generation and Application of Ozone to Fumigate Soils

In-situ Ozone Generation to Fumigate Soil as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide for Crop Production
Kitts, ChristopherBiological SciencesThe Effect of Probiotic Bacteria on Fecal Flora of Patients Undergoing Antibiotic Therapy
Kitts, Christopher
Jimenez-Flores, Rafael
Biological Sciences
Dairy Science
Development of a Rapid Method for Detection of Early Spore Germination Using Molecular Probes and Electro-chemiluminescence
Klisch, Steve
Davol, Andrew
Mechanical EngineeringNonlinear Constitutive Equations for Cartilage Growth Analysis
Koutsos, Elizabeth
Peterson, Dan
Animal ScienceProduction of Transgenic Chickens Expressing Phytase to Increase Nutrient Availability and Reduce Environmental Impact
Lehr, Corrine
Lundquist, Tryg
Chemistry and BiochemistryAlgal Lipid Characterization and Extraction-JP-8
Liddicoat, AlbertElectrical EngineeringDelay and Disruption Tolerant Network Implementation with Reconfigurable HW Support
Lin, Patrick
Bekey, George
Abney, Keith
PhilosophyRobotic Design and Risk: Building Ethics and Safeguards in Military Applications
Lindert, LisaChemistry and BiochemistryMechanistic Study of the Cyclin-Dependent Kinases PfPK5/Pfcyc-1 and PfPK6 from the malarial parasite, P. falciparum
Lundquist, TrygCivil and Environmental EngineeringDevelopment of a Simple, Low-cost Wastewater Treatment Process for Warm Climate Communities and Military Bases
Macedo, JoseIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering Registration of Color Images in Non-Rigid Environments
Marshall, DavidAerospace EngineeringCirculation Control Wing Optimization Study for ESTOL Applications

Development of a Parallel Computational Framework for Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations
McDonald, Rob
Mehiel, Eric
Aerospace EngineeringUnmanned Aircraft Systems; Situational Awareness for Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft and an Autonomous Package Delivery Concept Study for the US Marines
Mehiel, EricAerospace EngineeringA Four-axis Reaction Wheel Platform for Spacecraft Attitude Simulation

The Cal Poly Momentum Management System and Stable Platform Space Simulator
Mello, JosephMechanical EngineeringDevelopment of Composite Material Solution for Advanced Nozzle Research
Merayyan,SaadCivil and Environmental EngineeringAssessment of Contaminant Movement into Groundwater from Selected Landfill Sites in the State of California
Mitra, Nilanjan
Kasper, Eric
Civil and Environmental EngineeringRibbed Sandwich panels for Naval Applications: A Novel Technique for Increasing Mechanical Properties in the Thickness Direction of Sandwich Structures
Moline, MarkBiological SciencesAccess to the Central Coast's Marine Environment Through a Real-time/Archived Data Interface
Moritz, MaxGeography/Social ScienceGeographic Forecasting: Simulation and Analysis of Fire Patterns

Geographic Forecasting, Part 2: Simulation and Analysis of Fire Patterns
Moss, Rob
Chadwell, Charles
Civil and Environmental EngineeringU.S.-China Collaborative Soil-structure Interaction Research
Moss, Rob
Fiegel, Gregg
Civil and Environmental EngineeringEvaluating the Effects of Aging on Liquefiable Soil Deposits
Mukherjee, ParnaCivil and Environmental EngineeringUnderstanding the Adversity of Perchlorate Contamination in Water by Permeation Studies Through Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Murray, Bill
Carpenter, Tom
Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of Hybrid Rocket Motor Facility for Advanced Nozzle Research
Nico, Phil
Smith, Hugh
Computer ScienceCal Poly Computer Network Performance Research Laboratory
O'Halloran-Cardinal, KristenBiomedical and General EngineeringImplementation and Evaluation of Physiologic Conditions for a High Throughput "Blood Vessel Mimic" Model System
Pan, Jianbiao (John)Industrial and Manufacturing EngineeringEffect of Reflow Profile and Metallization on Lead-Free Solder joint Reliability

Reliability Study of Lead-Free Solder Joints
Pohl, JensArchitectureA Service-Oriented Distributed Approach to Disaster Management Decision-Support Systems
Puig-Suari, Jordi
Turner, Clark
Aerospace EngineeringDevelopment of Attitude Control Systems for Pico-Satellites
Rahim, AshrafCivil and Environmental EngineeringRecycled Waste Materials as Additives to Improve the Performance of Cement-treated Bases

Recycled Waste Materials as Additives to Improve the Performance of Soil-Cement-A Laboratory Investigation
Rahman, ShikhaCivil and Environmental EngineeringVulnerability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks due to Insufficient Fire Flows
Rosenberg, Lou
Moline, Mark
Mechanical EngineeringCenter for Coastal Marine Sciences Enhanced Operator Control of Remotely Operated Vehicles
Saghri, JohnElectrical EngineeringViable Bandwidth Compression for Remote Sensing Applications

A Viable Remote Sensing Multispectral/ Hyperspectral Compression with Reign-of-interest Prioritization Capability
Saunders, KarlPhysicsA Portable New Chemical/Biological Sensor

Modeling the Strong Electro-Optical Response of "de Vries" Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Savage RichardMaterials EngineeringDevelopment of a Micro System Actuator Employing Shape Memory Alloys for Exploring the Nanotechnology World
Schuster, PeterMechanical EngineeringEnhancing Human Physical Performance Through Detailed Human Modeling

Biomechanical "Leg-form" for Pedestrian Impact Tests
Schwartz, PeterPhysicsSolar Transportation: Sunlight to Electricity to Motion

The Annealing and Stabilization of DNA-linked Polystyrene Microspheres

Construction of Tetrahedral Photonic Bandgap Crystal: Demonstrating Three-Dimensional Self-Assembly using DNA
Self, BrianMechanical EngineeringUsing Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation in Flight Simulation
Self, Brian
Birdsong, Charles
Slivovski, Lynne
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Utilization of Tactor Displays as a Collision Avoidance System for the Visually Impaired
Seng, John
Franklin, Diana
Computer ScienceLarge-Scale Distributed Wireless Networks
Sharpe, JohnPhysicsFrequency Shifting Component for Miniaturized Laser Doppler Velocimeters

A Novel, Passive, Directionally Sensitive Laser Doppler Velocimeter
Smith, Hugh
Nico, Phil
Computer ScienceComputer Networking Research Laboratory
Sungar, NilgunPhysicsA Computational Tool for Optical Forces
Sungar, Nilgun
Sharpe, John
PhysicsOptical Forces and the Effects of Particle Proximity in Optical Trapping
Szlavik, RobertBiomedical and General EngineeringImpact of the Neural Toxin Paraoxon on the Electrophysiology of the Neuromuscular Junction

Establishment of an Electrophysiology Lab for Experimental Validation of a Combined Model of the Neuromuscular Junction under the Influence of Acetylcholineterase Inhibiting Neural Toxins
TaufikElectrical EngineeringInvestigation of Efficiency Improvement in High-Density Light-Weight DC-DC Converter

Building Photovoltaic Facility
Thorncroft, Glen
Pasqual, Christopher
Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of Technologies for Semiconductor Processing: A Partnership with Applied Materials Corporation
Tomanek, LarsBiological SciencesEnvironmental Proteomics: The Minimal Stress Proteome in the Marine Model Organisms Ciona intestinalis and C. savignyi-Networks of Co-expressed Proteins

Environmental Proteomics: A New Approach to Tracking Environmental Change in Marine Organisms
Turner, Clark
Puig-Suari, Jordi
Computer Science Aerospace EngineeringDevelopment of Launch Interfaces for the CubeSat Program
Vorst, Keith
Robertson, Bruce
Industrial TechnologyDevelopment of an Emergency Oral Airway Device
Waldorf, DanielIndustrial and Manufacturing EngineeringPVD/CVD Coatings for Improved Life of Nano-grain Cutting Tool for Machining Aerospace Alloys

Nano-Grain Cutting Tool for Machining High-Temperature Aerospace Materials
Wang, FeiElectrical EngineeringResearch on Low Power Non-volatile Information Storage Device Based on Novel Chalcogenide Material
Wendt, DeanBiological SciencesEstablishment of a Field Site for Testing Non-Toxic, Fouling -Release Marine Coatings to Aid in the Control of Biofouling
Wood, Zoe
Slivovsky, Lynne
Computer Science

Electrical Engineering
3D Digital Data Acquisition and Interaction
Wu, Xi
Meagher, James
Mechanical EngineeringCrack Diagnosis of a Rotor from Torsional/Lateral Coupling Mechanisms
Yu, Xiao-Hua (Helen)Electrical EngineeringReal-time Error Detection Using Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive Controller Design with Artificial Neural Networks

An Integrated Neuro-fuzzy Model for On-line Adaptive Control
Zhang, JaneElectrical EngineeringTracking Lips in Unconstrained Imagery for Automatic Speech Reading

Visual Speech Analysis in Real-Life Environment

Screen Data Compression for Improved VNC