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New Website Launches

December 31st, 2012- The new website is up and running finally! Check all the tabs out and some of the new additions. We hope this will provide a better way to get information out to members and to those who interested in attending general meetings, as well as the events we host throughout the year. Check back here for general news updates.

Upcoming Events

PG&E Class on Photovoltaic (PV) Site Analysis and System Sizing - SIGN UP LINK

  • Saturday, March 1st 2014 9:30am until 1:00pm
  • Must register onlne
  • Advanced Technology Labs, Building 7
  • Renewables Program Coordinator at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, Pete Shoemaker
  • The Photovoltaic class is designed for anyone interested in understanding the specific issues associated with PV site analysis and system sizing.
  • If you would like more info, contact
  • LTSpice Seminar

  • Saturday, March 1st 2014 9:30am until 1:00pm
  • Building 20 Room 136
  • Chipotle and beverages will be provided
  • Come and learn the basics of the program LTSpice with the people who created it.
  • If you would like more info, contact
  • PES Paintball Event

  • Saturday, March 8th 2014
  • $5 for rental and admission (pay at IEEE)
  • Come out and have fun with PES members
  • SDG&E Tour

  • Monday, March 24 2014
  • Email if you are interested
  • PG&E Talk on Security in Power Industry

  • Thursday, April 10th 11am until 12pm
  • Building 20 Room 140
  • More Information to come soon
  • Grid Alternatives

  • Friday, April 11th 2014 and Saturday Aprill 12th 2014
  • More info to come
  • Past Events

    Power and Energy Conference - SIGN UP LINK

  • Friday, May 10th 2013, 9:30am until 4:30pm
  • Advanced Technology Labs, Building 7
  • Speakers will include numerous faculty members as well as industry leaders.Schedule
  • This event will give the Cal Poly community a chance to learn about electric vehicles and energy storage as well as experience some new new, exciting and innovative projects involving students, faculty and industry.
  • If you would like more info, contact, also check out the PEC Flyer and the Featured Presentations
  • Burns and McDonnel Info Session

  • February 7th, 2013, 6-7pm
  • Building 20, Room 136
  • Burns and McDonnel Representatives
  • Burns and McDonnel looking for Power Systems, Controls, and Telecommunications Engineers.
  • Burns and McDonnel came and talked about their company, as well as projects they are working on. A usual info session, numerous in attendance.
  • Professional Development Seminar

  • January 24th, 2013, 4-6pm
  • Building 20, Room 140
  • Speaker: Danny Zepeda
  • This event will cover the interview process as well as setting up a great resume for success.
  • This event had many attendees and helped students of all levels in talking about good practices for the job fair, in writing good resumes, and overall interview tips.
  • Winter Quarter Job Fair

  • Two Day Event, January 30th and 31st, 2013. 9:30am to 1:30pm. /li>
  • Chumash Auditorium
  • Speaker: Over 130 Employers
  • The winter quarter job fair, multiple employers will be on the scene and will be looking for sumemr interns/full time positions.
  • The usual job fair, there will be others in the future so make sure to attend.
  • SDG&E Info Session

  • January 23rd, 2013, 4-6pm
  • Bonderson, Room 104
  • Speaker: Multiple SDG&E representatives, talking about multiple topics.
  • An info session from San Diego Gas and Electric talking about their summer internships for both Civil and Electrical Engineers.
  • Spoke about experience starting and staying with SDG&E, talked about recruiting process, what they are looking for in Electrical and Civil Engineers. Brought up past interns and had them talk about their experiences and what they got out of their internships.
  • Linear Tech LT Spice Seminar -

  • February 23rd, 2013, 4 hour Saturday Event
  • Building 20, Room 140
  • Speaker: Linear Tech Representatives
  • An event to allow students to get a better understanding of the LTSpice circuit simulation program.
  • Event went on without a hitch, many students noted how informative and sucessful the Linear Tech presentation was.
  • Thinking about joining but unsure of how to go about it? Come to our next general meeting (usually the date is announced in the News Tab) and talk to an officer. Or if you can't attend the meetings send one of us an email.

    Want to get involved but unsure of who to talk to? Talk to any of the officers! Send them an email, or come to the general meetings and talk to them there.

    Wondering: "What does PES even do?" Check out our news or events section to see the latest news on what we have been up to, and upcoming events. Also look at our about section, giving you a little synopsis of what were all about.

    Thinking you want to get more involved than just a member who attends events and meetings? Talk to the officers, we can get you on the interested list for the 2013-2014 elections, usually taking place in Spring 2013.

    Maybe you already attend the meetings and all the events, but you want to be an offcial member of IEEE-PES? Check out this link: IEEE-PES Membership

    If you have any other questions feel free to email any of the officers and we will try to answer it!

    Taylor McClain - President

    Oversee the club and power program well being, have a vision and direction for the future of the club. The president is the main contact for industry. Sets up tours, professional seminars, and related power events.

    Email Taylor
    Kyle Tom - Vice President

    Responsible for the integrity of the club at the university level. Plans on-campus activities and social events. Helps President with any additional work as well as make suggestions for events, tours, and seminars.

    Email Kyle
    Kristie Fung - Treasurer

    Take care of all the finances the club needs including purchasing food and drinks and checking out equipment for any event that is needed. Create events that will generate money for PES. Work with ASI and complete reimbursement forms..

    Email Kristie
    Cory Koehne - Student Outreach

    Establish events with local communities (High school, Middle schools, Elementary school) to educate them about power systems, electronics, and alternative energy. Also assist SWE Rep. with Build and Engineer Day

    Email Cory
    Matthew Smith - Web Manager

    Maintain PES website.

    Email Matthew
    Bryce Keefer - Tour Coordinator

    Assist president in coordinating tours and make sure all paper work is processed properly, work closely with ASI and Student Life Leadership. Also look for new power related facilities to tour during every quarter, work closely with IEEE.

    Email Bryce
    Bijan Vakilifathi - Tour Coordinator

    Assist president in coordinating tours and make sure all paper work is processed properly, work closely with ASI and Student Life Leadership. Also look for new power related facilities to tour during every quarter, work closely with IEEE.

    Email Bijan
    Brandon Vanloon - Events Coordinator

    Coordinates the smaller speaker events that PES hosts. Keeps in touch with speakers, obtains rooms for the event to take place, keeps the officers of the club informed.

    Email Brandon
    Audrey Rempher - Project Manager

    Assist in organizing projects the club is interested in. Coming up with new ideas for projects the club and promote them to get members on board.

    Email Audrey
    Bradley Pavy - Project Manager

    Assist in organizing projects the club is interested in. Coming up with new ideas for projects the club and promote them to get members on board.

    Email Bradley
    Dr. Dale Dolan - Chair

    Club Chair, the faculty advisor for the club. Provides formal connection to the University.

    Email Dr.Dolan
    Dr. Taufik - Secretary

    Faculty Advisor to the Secretary

    Email Dr. Taufik

    Click Here To Contact Cal Poly PES by Email

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to strengthen member’s professionalism, enhance academic goals by providing Electrical Industry knowledge, and ultimately assist members in achieving internship and fulltime employment.


    The Power Engineering Society (now Power and Energy Society) at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was established in 1981, received its IEEE/PES National Student Chapter in 1982, and was founded on three main goals:

  • To provide input to the curriculum by following current industry trends and maintaining a strong relationship between Cal Poly and the power engineering industry.
  • To establish professional engineering attitudes by involving students in a professional engineering society.
  • To strengthen student/faculty relationship by providing cooperative social activities.
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society

    The IEEE Power & Energy Society is a worldwide, non-profit association of more than 26,000 individuals engaged in the electric power energy industry. Our mission is to be the leading provider of scientific information on electric power and energy for the betterment of society and the preferred professional development source for our members. PES members are involved in the planning, research, development, construction, installation, and operation of equipment and systems for the safe, reliable, and economic generation, transmission, distribution, measurement, and control of electric energy.

    Undergraduate Power Courses

  • EE 255 Energy Conversion Electromagnetics (3) Prerequisite: EE 212 & 242 OR EE 201
  • EE 295 Energy Conversion Electromagnetics Laboratory (1) Concurrent: EE 295
  • EE 302 Classical Control Systems (3) Prerequisite: EE 228
  • EE 406 Power Systems Analysis I (4) Prerequisite: EE 335, EE 255 & 295
  • EE 407 Power Systems Analysis II (4) Prerequisite: EE 406
  • EE 410 Power Electronics I (4) Prerequisite: EE 308 & 348, or EE 321
  • EE 411 Power Electronics II (4) Prerequisite: EE 410
  • EE 417 Alternating Current Machines (4)EE 255 & 295
  • EE 432 Digital Control Systems (3) Prerequisite: EE 302 & 342
  • EE 433 Introduction to Magnetic Design (3) Prerequisite: EE 255 & 295
  • EE 444 Power Systems Laboratory (1) Prerequisite: EE 406
  • Graduate Power Courses

    • EE 511 Electric Machines Theory (3) Prerequisite: EE 255
    • EE 513 Control Systems Theory (4) Prerequisite: EE 302
    • EE 514 Advanced Topics in Automatic Control (4)Prerequisite: EE 513 & EE 328
    • EE 518 Advanced Power System Analysis (3) Prerequisite: EE 406
    • EE 519 Power System Design (4) Prerequisite: EE 518
    • EE 520 Solar-Photovoltaic Systems Design (3) Prerequisite: No Class
    • EE 527 Advanced Topics in Power Electronics (4) Prerequisite: EE 410

    **Please be advised that graduate courses require either graduate standing or instructor consent.