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Life of a Recruitment Chair: Post-Recruitment

Recruitment: Hundreds of girls, matching outfits, and choregraphed door songs. Kappa Kappa Gamma Membership Chair Elisha Illgner gives a peek into what her life's like post-recruitment. Warning: It's not as glamorous as you may think.

In the late morning on Oct. 9, fourth year business administration student Elisha Illgner folds a sheer curtain that was used during preference night, which is the final night of recruitment. “A really good memory I have during recruitment was probably preference night. By our third ceremony, we got it right. It was really awesome to look out and see all the PNMs’ (Potential New Member) faces and see how many of them looked really happy and like they wanted to be there. It meant something special to them, what we were doing.” Elisha, who serves as Membership Chairman for Eta Rho chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Cal Poly, spent the morning with her assistant and other committee members cleaning up the house post-recruitment. Decorations from each day of recruitment were sorted into different boxes, making it easy to find for next year’s membership chairman. In between chores at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house on Oct. 9, Elisha Illgner drinks a Red Bull to keep her energy up. “I’m really sick, and I’ve been really sick for the past three weeks since recruitment, and it just keeps getting worse. It’s been really hectic, just trying to catch up with all my classes, trying to catch up on my sleep, all while being pretty ill,” Illgner said. Inside the Kappa Kappa Gamma house at 1716 Osos St., Elisha Illgner washes dishes that were used during recruitment. During each day of recruitment, hundreds of mason jars were used to serve flavored water to PNMs (Potential New Members). “The hardest part of my job is getting people to realize that I’m not superwoman and I need a lot of help. My personality is kind of, ‘Oh, I can do this,’ and I like to do everything by myself. I think I’m pretty capable, it’s just the hardest part is getting people to help me,” Illgner said. Among the bookcases on the third floor of Kennedy Library, Elisha Illgner works on homework she missed during recruitment. “Life post-recruitment has been the craziest. I had to miss a week of classes for recruitment because I just couldn’t go and pull recruitment off at the same time. So, I was very behind in all my classes. I missed a big homework assignment, I missed an entire essay, which is one fourth of that class, and I’m already going to get a C in that class since I don’t have any other option.” Laying on a bench on the third floor of Kennedy Library, Elisha Illgner relaxes while on her phone. With 1037 girls who went through Panhellenic recruitment, Elisha was in charge of recruiting the 96 girls Kappa Kappa Gamma gave bids to. “I think the best part of my job is when people do acknowledge all the hard work you’ve put into it. I’ve had people that I’ve never considered myself super close with posting ‘thank you’ Instagrams, or posting on Facebook. And just people saying, ‘Wow, you’ve done such a great job. Thank you so much.’” Using her laptop as a reference, Elisha Illgner works out a problem on a whiteboard at Kennedy Library on Oct. 14. “If I’m not sleeping or in class, I’m at the library studying. I have a huge midterm tomorrow, I’ve had a whole bunch of quizzes, and I had an essay I had to write,” Illgner said. At the end of her ten-hour day spent at Kennedy Library, Elisha Illgner takes a break from studying to go on Snapchat. “At the end of the day, having 96 new members and getting to know that they now have four years of this amazing experience made one week of hell worth it,” Illgner said.

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