Kappa Mu Epsilon

Recent News

Welcome back to Cal Poly for Fall 2013!

  • Our first meeting will be Thursday of week 3, October 10th in room 38-204 from 11:00 to 12:00.

Cal Poly Open House 2013 - Celebrating 20 Years

Look! Our first dollar! And it's a twenty.

Amazing! The Magic box problem has been solved.

Solved again!

Who We Are

Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honor society designed to appeal essentially to undergraduate students. It was founded by Dr. Emily Wyant, a graduate of the University of Missouri, working closely with Professor L.P. Woods, head of the Department of Mathematics at Northeastern Oklahoma State Teachers College.

KME's motto is "Develop an appreciation for the beauty of mathematics." The objective of the organization since its inception has been the fulfillment of this motto. Official business of Kappa Mu Epsilon is transacted at national conventions by delegates elected by each chapter and by members of KME's National Council. The convention is held in the spring every two years during odd numbered years, and as well as conducting regular business, the conventions are an opportunity for the presentation of student papers.

Kappa Mu Epsilon's five-fold objectives are:

  • To further the interests of mathematics in those schools which place their primary emphasis on the undergraduate programs
  • To help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of western civilization
  • To develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics, due, mainly, to its demand for logical and rigorous modes of thought
  • To provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics at the undergraduate level
  • To disseminate the knowledge of mathematics and to familiarize the members with the advances being made in mathematics

The Pentagon

The Pentagon is the official journal of the Society. It is published semiannually in the spring and fall of each year. Articles of interest to undergraduate mathematics students are included, as are news items about various chapters, and a problems section.

For more information, please see the KME National Mathematics Honor Society or contact Jonathan Shapiro, Cal Poly KME Advisor.