Senior Project Ideas

The following are some potential senior project ideas and the professors that are interested in working with students on them.
  1. Farmers' Market-Supermarket Retail Price Comparisons in SLO County or Neighboring Counties (Wolf or Ahern).
  2. Resource Use-Cost Assessment of Sustainable Agriculture in Wine Grapes vs Convential Culture on the Santa Margarita Ranch (Ahern).
  3. Fair Industry Website Analysis-Effectiveness Assessment(Hamilton)
  4. An Examination of European Consumer Resistance to Genetically Modified Organisms in Basic Foodstuffs (Ahern)
  5. The BSE International Policy Dilemma & the USA's Precautionary Response - descriptive(Ahern).
  6. Case Study of Meat Industry Packer Concentration Collusion Claims.
  7. Post-Introduction Evaluation of Calgene's Biotech Tomatoes.
  8. Agribusiness Investment Portfolio Analysis-Student Selected Companies.
  9. Wild Horse Research/Grant Funding Support Document (contact: LaDonna Kaiser, Wild Horse Sanctuary, Shingletown, Ca. (916)474-1888)
  10. Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Water Quality. (MacDougal,Ahern, Noel & contact Kip Evans-USDOC)
  11. Case Study: Marketing Order Changes Related to Generic Advertising Suits & Supreme Court Decision.
  12. Pistachio Supply Forecast for 1997 (Ahern).
  13. Position of Market Share & Volume of the Eight Major Fruit & Vegetable Terminal Markets in the USA, 1965-1997 (Ahern).
  14. Identify the Factors Affecting H2O Quality in Rural SLO County(J.Noel).
  15. Critical Evaluation of SLOCo Agriculture & Open Space Element of County General Plan (Ahern).
  16. Descriptive Evaluation of Literature on Alternate Bearing Tree Crops: (Ahern).
  17. Spatial Market Opportunities in Rhizomatic Floraculture-Iris (Jack Scott).
  18. Retail Pricing and Distribution of Packaged Salad Products (Ahern). (one student doing with SLO & Monterey Co.locations
  19. Market Determinants of Dairy Bull Semen Prices (J.Noel).
  20. A Economic Value Added Evaluation of Agricultural Cooperative Performance (J.Noel).
  21. The Economic Value of Soil Fertility-Valuing Soil Organic Matter (J.Noel-joint project with Soils student &T.Rice).

* Please see the professor for additional details *