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IP&A logo - link to IP&A home pageCAL POLY Retention and Graduation Reports

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Persistence rate trends for first-time freshmen, including 1990 through 2010 Fall cohorts.

Cal Poly First-Time Freshmen Persistence Rate Trends - January 2011- PDF


Five-year trends of various retention, graduation, and attrition data of entering first-time freshman cohorts for each program at Cal Poly, including comparison data at the college and university levels.

Cal Poly First-Time Freshmen Graduation, Retention, and Attrition Analysis - May 2006 - PDF


Six-year graduation rates for student athletes receiving athletically-related student aid, including 1996 through 2003 Fall cohorts. (Data reported to fulfill requirements of the federal Student Right-to-Know Act, 34 CFR 668.41)

Cal Poly Athletic Graduation Rates