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IP&A logo - link to IP&A home page Brief Definitions for Reading Faculty Assignment by Department (FAD)

FAD Table 1

First Line of Column Headings (Faculty)

  • Faculty ID = Social Security Number
  • Name = Faculty name
  • Range Code = Faculty rank (see explanation of categories below)
  • TSF = Total Support Fraction (IFF+IAF+OSF=TSF)
  • IAF = Instructional Administrative Fraction
  • ADM-LEV = Administrative Level of IAF (12-mo. or AY Dept. Head, etc.)
  • OSF = Other Support Fraction (reimbursed or non-instructional fund)
  • IFF = Instructional Faculty Fraction (total "teaching" time)

Second Line of Column Headings (Courses) (Selected Headings)

  • SUBJ = Course abbreviation
  • COUR = Course number
  • SUFF = Course suffix
  • SEC = Course section number
  • DISC = HEGIS discipline Code used for national and CSU reporting
  • L = Level of course (1 = lower; 2 = upper; 3 = graduate)
  • ENR = Enrollment in class at census
  • S = Sequence number for course section segments
  • CS = Course classification number based on mode of instruction (e.g., 02=Lec, 16=SciLab)
  • A-CCU = Adjusted Course Credit Units (unit value of course)
  • TBA = To Be Arranged hours (BEG & END show BY ARR)
  • FACL = Facility or building number
  • SPACE = Room number
  • F = Facility type (1 = lecture; 2 = laboratory; 3 = non-capacity & supervision)
  • GRP = Group code (2 or more sections with same time, room & instructor)
  • TTF = Team Teaching Fraction (proportion of teaching credit for team-taught class)
  • SCU = Student Credit Units (product of enrollment and adjusted course credit hours - see the Course Prefix Report - Dept. in ODIN for Department and College Totals)
  • FCH = Faculty Contact Hours (hours of class meeting per week or based on supervision enrollment)
  • D-WTU = Direct WTU from classes & supervision plus assigned time codes of 11, 15, 17 & 18
  • I-WTU = Indirect WTU (normally assigned time less codes of 11, 15, 17 & 18)
  • T-WTU = Total WTU (sum of direct and indirect WTU and compared to Instructional Faculty Fraction for appropriate load)

Third Line of Column Headings (Non-Heading Text Description of Assigned Time Activity)

  • SPLIT APPT = Faculty teaching in more than one department. The College and Department code refers to the alternate department in which the faculty member taught.

Department Totals

FAD Table 2

  • NUMBER ASSIGNMENTS = Number of faculty members
  • FTEF (Full Time Equivalent Faculty) = The sum of all instructional faculty fraction for the Department/College. (IAF and OSF are not counted in FTEF; only IFF contributes to FTEF)
  • CLASS WTU (Class Weighted Teaching Units) = The WTU earned from all class sections taught
  • SUPERVSN WTU (Supervision Weighted Teaching Units) = The WTU earned from all class sections of supervision (classes with CS #25 or 36)
  • DIRECT WTU = The WTU earned from all class sections taught as well as WTU earned from Assigned Time codes of 11, 15, 16, 17, and 18
  • INDIRECT WTU = The sum of all departmental assignments associated with Assigned Time Codes other than 11, 15, 16, 17, and 18
  • TOTAL WTU = The sum of Direct and Indirect WTU
  • DIRECT WTU/FTEF = Direct WTU divided by FTEF
  • TOTAL WTU/FTEF = Total WTU divided by FTEF
  • TOTAL SCU = The sum of all class SCUs. This is not an accurate account of the SCUs earned for the Department/College. See the "Course Prefix Report - Dept." in ODIN.
  • TOTAL FTES = Total SCUs divided by 15
  • SCU/FTEF = SCU divided by FTEF
  • SFR (Student Faculty Ratio) = Total FTES divided by FTEF

Explanation of Range Codes:

  • FULL TIME = TSF (Total Support Fraction) equal to or greater than 1.000
  • PART TIME = TSF (Total Support Fraction) less than 1.000
  • GRAD ASST = Graduate Assistant, Teaching Associate, SSP, Volunteer
  • OTHER = Non-teaching Librarian, Coach, Counselor, and Administrator with IFF

Faculty Rank

  • PROFESSOR = Professor, Head Coach, Principal Vocational Instructor, Lecturer "D"
  • ASSOC PROF = Associate Professor, Coach, Senior Vocational Instructor, Lecturer "C"
  • ASST PROF = Assistant Professor, Coaching Specialist, Intermediate Vocational Instructor, Lecturer "B"
  • INSTRUCTOR = Instructor, Coaching Assistant, Junior Vocational Instructor, Lecturer "A"
  • ASSISTANT = Teaching Assistant, Lecturer "L"
  • TCHG ASSOC = Teaching Associate
  • GRAD ASST = Graduate Assistant, SSP, Volunteer
  • ADMINISTRATOR = Administrator (no Instructional Faculty Fraction)
  • OTHER = Other (non-teaching Librarian, Coach, Counselor, and Administrator with IFF)

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This is a Chancellor's Office report. The format cannot be altered. The Department Number and Name are CSU assigned and do not always reflect Cal Poly's naming conventions.

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