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Building 14, Room 102
Phone: (805) 756-2204
Fax: (805) 756-2804

Department Staff

Brent S. Goodman (

Director, Institutional Planning and Analysis, (805) 756-2204

Michele Anderson (

Project/Office Support Coordinator, (805) 756-2204

Patricia Van Belleghem

Information Specialist, (805) 756-7359

Mission Statement

The scope of the Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis includes strategic planning, coordination of planning and analysis with other University offices, establishing baseline data, and preparing analytical reports.

The planning function encompasses responsibility for monitoring the external context in which the University works and for coordinating implementation of the University’s academic mission and enrollment goals and priorities with its academic resources, including information, personnel, and facilities.

The analysis function involves designing, developing, and completing interpretative studies, as well as the timely provision of accurate, current, and relevant institutional data to the Cal Poly campus community, the California State University system, and other interested parties.

Office Functions and Activities

IP&A's role is to extract, aggregate, analyze, report, and plan. With respect to enrollment, human resources, and space data, IP&A is primarily an interpretive and analytical "user" of aggregate rather than transactional data. Thus, staff depend on other campus offices for data entry and accuracy so that IP&A can focus on how data should be aggregated, compared, and interpreted across transactions and across functions--and how this information can assist the University with future planning and resource management.

IP&A's analysis generally starts with data related to students and enrollment, since the size and composition of the student body tends to drive planning for other resources--faculty and staff, budgets, and facilities. As a result, IP&A devotes more attention to enrollment-related data and planning, and other offices use that data to pursue more detailed planning (e.g., admission targets by discipline, faculty recruitment, and revenue projections).

Further, IP&A sees itself as a "provider" of aggregate information in two ways. The first involves the development of analytical reports, which may be published in print or electronic form at designated intervals (e.g., quarterly) or upon request by the Office's constituents. The second involves enabling campus users to conduct their own analysis. Thus, IP&A has been an active partner with Information Technology Services in helping to make data sources available electronically along with information delivery tools so that users can design queries that meet their particular needs.