The Grants Development Office (GDO) is an academic support office within the University's Office of Research and Economic Development.

GDO provides information, guidance, and services to Cal Poly faculty, administrators, and senior staff engaged in extramurally funded research, curriculum development, and community service projects:

  • to identify sources of funding;
  • to counsel faculty on the preparation of competitive proposal narratives;
  • to assist in the logistics of large-scale interdisciplinary proposals;
  • to budget proposals;
  • to prepare required sponsors' forms and assurances;
  • to liaise with appropriate human subjects, animal subjects, conflict of interest and environmental safety committees;
  • to identify intellectual property issues;
  • to reproduce and deliver proposals.

GDO represents the University to sponsors in the preparation, delivery and revision of proposals for funding:

  • to identify andinterpret sponsors' guidelines and regulations;
  • to revise awards;

GDO coordinates with academic departments, colleges and centers:

  • to inform of funding opportunities;
  • to learn department and college funding priorities;
  • to obtain institutional review and approvals for proposals;
  • to maintain an archive of proposals and awards;
  • to provide reports on proposals and awards.

GDO coordinates with the Cal Poly Corporation:

  • to ensure compliance with University, sponsor and Corporation policy on procedures for cost principles and contractual obligations.