Feyerabend Homework Assignment

Homework Assignment

Paul Feyerabend, "How to Defend Society Against Science"

Reading Questions

Please answer each of the following questions to the best of your ability. Write complete sentences - but be as concise as possible. You may use your text, lecture notes, and any other resources in completing this assignment. However, the answers you submit must be your own.

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1. What reasons does Feyerabend give in support of his view that modern science inhibits freedom of thought?

2. Are the reasons Feyerabend gives in support of his view that science inhibits freedom of thought convincing? If "Yes", why; if "No", why not?

3. What is Feyerabend's view of the relationship between freedom and truth?

4. According to Feyerabend, science cannot be distinguished from non-science in terms of methodology or results. How does he support this conclusion?

5. State Feyerabend's argument for the conclusion that "Science is just one of many ideologies that propel society and should be treated as such."

6. What consequences does Feyerabend draw from his view that science deserves no special status in our society.?( Be specific!)

7. Do you agree or disagree with Feyerabend regarding these consequences? (Specify your reasons for agreement or disagreement.)

8. Feyerabend states that "Almost all of you have the firm belief that at least some kind of truth has been found, that it must be preserved, and that the method of teaching I advocate and the form of society I defend will dilute it and make it finally disappear." Why do most people think that some truth has been found according to Feyerabend?

9. Do you think that some scientific truth has been found which must be preserved?

10. What is the scientific method according to Feyerabend?