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Mass Mail Users Rights and Responsibilities
  1. That each department/area be limited to two accounts that can send to the OpenMail mailing list.
  2. That each department/area choose whether to use personal accounts where they will have to deal with the volume of auto-replies and potential bad addresses due to user auto-forwarding or a departmental account where such mail is separate from the senders personal email.
  3. That the distribution list be used only for official business for the department/area involved.
  4. That any abuse of the distribution list will result in a review of the permissions that allow a given user or department/area access to the distribution list.
  5. That the OpenMail support group will set up the permissions on the OpenMail mailing list based on the account chosen to send the message after the request has been approved.
  6. That the OpenMail support group reserves the right to change, without warning, the level at which messages are deferred until after regular business hours for messages that exceed a given number of recipients. Currently this is set to 500 employees or 2000 students.
  7. If the Openmail support group will not be assisting in the sending of the approved message, the department/area inform ITS via email at opus@calpoly.edu whenever such a mailing is going to occur with a two to three hour lead time. This is to allow the OpenMail administrators to monitor the system and perform any tuning required.


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