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How to send a broadcast mailing to Cal Poly Students, Faculty or Staff.

Getting Approval

  1. Make sure that the message meets the criteria for sending a broadcast mailing.
  2. Review the rights and responsibilities for broadcast mailing.
  3. Have your VP/dean send an e-mail message to ITS Management stating approval.
  4. Send approval to
  5. Submit a broadcast mailing request with the proposed message to ITS Management for review and approval. If the message is urgent, please deliver the draft copy by 3:30 pm so we will have time to process the request during business hours.
  6. Send a copy of the proposed message to
    The request should also include:
    The target audience.
    The account to use to send the message and receive replies.
    The date for sending the message.
  7. ITS Management will notify you when the request is approved or denied.
  8. Once approved, it is assigned to an Openmail Administrator who will give you access to the mailing list, and can assist you when you prepare and send the mailing.
Sending the message
  1. Please plan to send the message no later than 3:30 pm in order to give the email administrators enough time to handle the mass mailing.
  2. Determine who will actually send the message.
  3. This person must have login access to the account which was approved to send the mailing. The Openmail Administrators do not have the ability so send a message from a user or departmental account.
  4. Obtain the email address of the mailing list from the Openmail administrator. This address will be placed in the TO: field of the message.
  5. Double check that the necessary email components are complete:
    The TO: field contains the correct mailing list address.
    The Subject: field contains the appropriate subject.
    The Body text is complete, top to bottom, and is formatted properly.
  6. You may send the message from any supported client. Please use Messenger, Outlook, Openmail Client, or the Openmail Web client.
  7. You may send the message at any time. Be aware that the mail servers will defer delivery of any broadcast message to a large number of recipients. These deferred messages will be delivered after 9pm.
Note: It is a good idea to send a copy of the message to yourself first, to make sure that it looks the way you intended.

Handling Auto Reply Messages

  1. It is recommended that a mail filter be created when considering mailings which include Cal Poly students. This filter will prevent your account from being overwhelmed with auto reply messages. A typical broadcast mailing to the students will involve approximately 3000 auto reply messages. The Openmail Administrator can create this filter for you at your request. Mailings to staff and faculty will create approximately 100 auto reply messages.
  2. Select one of the following links to Create email message filters on your client software:

Verify that the message was sent correctly

  1. After sending the message, if there was an error, you will receive a message back from the MAILER-DAEMON explaining the nature of the error.
  2. Within a few minutes, you should begin to receive auto reply messages.
  3. If you are a member of the mailing list, watch for receipt of your message.
  4. If the mailing list is large,  you should receive a message within a few minutes which explains message deferral.

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