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Criteria for sending a broadcast message

Campus policy states that broadcast messages to all faculty, staff, and/or students must use an approved broadcast method, originate from a departmental or unit account, and meet the following criteria:

  1. Other means of communication are not timely and the nature of the event was such that timely announcement via other methods could not be accommodated.
  2. An appropriate target audience can be determined.
  3. The message could be of significant benefit to all of the targeted audience.
  4. The mailing must comply with applicable university policies on use of State resources.
  5. The mailing prevents significant inconvenience that the lack of the information would cause to the targeted audience.
  6. The mailing be approved by the president, vice president, or dean.
  7. The mailing be approved by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or designee.

For further questions, please see the complete Cal Poly Mail Policies
Policy URL:  http://its.calpoly.edu/CU_Policies/mail_policies.htm

Mail Etiquette:

Virus protection:

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