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DPTC Pilot Plant Equipment and Photos

Raw TankRaw Milk Silos

General Description:
Refrigerated storage tanks for raw milk.
Specifications: DCI two (2) refrigerated 2000-gallon capacity

Separator Cold Milk Separator

General Description: Separate cream from raw milk with a skim milk fat content of .10 %
Specifications: Alfa-Laval 10-gallon rated fluid capacity per minute.
Powder HornTri-Blender

General Description:
Disperse dry ingredients at high shear rate into liquid flow stream.
Specifications: Tri-clover
HTSTHTST (High Temperature Short Time) Pasteurizer

General Description: Pasteurize milk and ice cream mixes with homogenization unit. (HTST is a legally sealed unit by the State of California and PMO)
Specifications: APV 300/600-gallon per hour capacity. Additional 21/2 minutes extended holding tubes available. H.T.S.T is legally sealed, and inspected by the State of California.

Cream VatCream Processing Vat

General Description:
Pasteurization of cream and fluid milk products.
Specifications: DCI 200-gallon tank capacity with heating and cooling capabilities. Low and high speed agitator.

Batch TankBatch Tank

General Description:
Fluid milk fortification/additions with dry or liquid ingredients. Ice cream mixes, chocolate milk.
Specifications: DCI 400-gallon capacity tank positioned on load cells to assure accurate weights of ingredient additions. Attached to plate heat exchanger for additional fluid heat treatment.

Carton FillerNimco Carton Filler

General Description:
Gable top carton filler
Specifications: Capable of filling 1/2 gallon, quart, 1/3 quart, and pint containers.

Holding Tanks Process Holding Tanks

General Description:
Non-jacketed holding tanks
Specifications: DCI two 500-gallon, one 1000-gallon.

Continuous Ice Cream Freezer Hoyer Frigus SF 600 N Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

General Description:
equipped with a self-contained freon refrigeration unit and a vertical freezing cylinder. A piston pump meters ice cream mix and air intake. The frozen ice cream is discharged from the cylinder by means of a constant pressure valve.
Specifications: produces from 53-158 gallons/hour at 100 % overrun.

Hoyer Addus FF 2000 C Ingredient Feeder

For continuous and accurate injection of free fl owing granulates or highly viscous ingredients with inclusions. It is manually controlled, the operator selects the speed of the dosing screw for constant fl ow of ingredients into the lamella pump.

Ice Cream Cup FillerIce Cream Cup Filler

General Description:
Piston feed, rotary table.
Specifications: Sawvel 3.5 oz. or 1 pint cup capability.

Batch FreezerEmery Thompson Batch Ice Cream Freezer

General Description:
For batch ice cream manufacturing. Specifications: 44-quart capacity.

Ice Cream Mix TanksIce Cream Process Mix Tank

General Description:
Ice cream mix process/holding tank with two additional flavor vats. Specifications: Crepaco 300-gallon capacity with heating and cooling capabilities. Two 50-gallon flavor vats.

FreezerBlast Hardening and Traditional Freezer Storage

General Description:
Storage of frozen products
Blast hardening room @ -25F Traditional freezer @ -15

Cheese VatsCheese Vats

General Description:
Open cheese vats with traveling agitation paddles.
Specifications: (1) 1000-gallon, (1) 500-gallon, (2) 150-gallon, (2) stirred-curd draining tables, (3) potable 50-gallon cheese vats.

Salt Brine TankSalt Brine Tank

General Description:
Submersion of cheese blocks into a salt brine solution.
Specifications: 150-gallon salt brine solution tank with pneumatic host and racks.
Universal Pilot PlantUniversal Pilot Plant

General Description: Small scale High Temperature Short Time (H.T.S.T) with two 15-gallon process tanks with heating and cooling capability, 2-stage homogenizer, swept surface agitations and high shear agitators. Manual temperature control for variable product heat treatments. Continuous ice cream freezer attached to unit.
Specifications: H.T.S.T. rated at 33 liters per hour. Continuous ice cream freezer rated at 100 liters mix per hour.
Evaporator Marriot Walker Rising Film Evaporator

General Description: Single effect evaporator, for removal of water and solids concentration of fluid milk products.
Specifications: 20-gallon tube chest capacity. Water removal rate 150 lbs. at 130F @ 29 hg vacuum.

Cheese Cooker Blentech Process Cheese Cooker

General Description: Steam jacketed, variable speed, counter rotating twin screw augers.
Specifications: 60 lb. capacity

Pasta Filata System Suprema Pasta Filata System
General Description: Cheese curd, cooker stretcher and molder. Temperature controlled wash water. Dual screw augers in contained temperature controlled housing.

Vacuum Sealer Koch Vacuum Packaging System

General Description: Vacuumed sealed plastic wrap packages.
Specifications: 1-40 lb block
Steam Kettles
4- Groen Process Steam Kettles

General Description: Steam jacketed mixing tanks with swept surface and high speed lighting mixers.

Specifications: 40-60 gal
Portable Tanks 2- APV Conical Bottom Swept-surface Processors

General Description: Jacketed process tank with swept surface agitators. Cooling and heating capability.
Specifications: 100 gal

Membrane SystemR-12 Universal Membrane System

General Description: A membrane system containing one or two commercial size spiral-wound membranes. The system can be configured for RO, NF, UF or MF depending on the type of membranes and pumps employed. Membranes are in parallel when two elements are used.
Specifications: The system, as used for either RO, NF, UF or MF contains one commercial size spiral-wound membrane. Also included in the systems is a centrifugal stuffing pump, a positive displacement pump, appropriate temperature and pressure gauges, retentate and permeate flow meters and a retentate flow control valve. The membranes are placed in parallel when two elements are used. The system components are similar to those used for RO/NF with the exception of the positive displacement pump that is not required for UF/MF. Membranes routinely available include: Thin film composite RO membrane with an operational pH range of 3 - 10 and a maximum operating temperature of 120o F. The RO membrane has a typical NaCl rejection of 99.5%. Polyethersulfone UF membrane with a 10,000 MWCO, a maximum operating temperatures of 120F and pH range of 2 - 12. Each UF membrane has approximately 60 ft2 of membrane area. This type of membrane is designed to concentrate sweet/acid whey, WPC (35 - 90% protein) or skim milk to 32% total solids and whole milk to 45% total solids. System is also capable of ceramic membrane processes.
Spay Drier Niro Filterlab Spray Dryer

General Description: A gas fired spray dryer with nozzle core and orifice. The system has co- current, countercurrent and two fluid drying capabilities. The spray dryer can remove approximately 150 lbs water/hr.
Specifications: The dryer consists of a high pressure feed pump, gas fired burner, spray nozzle, drying chamber, filter mat, cyclone and gauges.

Final product is collected in the cyclone collection container or directly from the filter mat.

A number of variables can be controlled on this system thereby permitting the drying of a wide range of products. The temperature of the drying air can be varied continuously over a wide range. Liquid pressure to the nozzle orifice can be changed to alter the powder characteristics.
Butter Churn Egli Continuous Butter Churn

General Description: Continuous butter churn with attached crystallization tank with heating and cooling capabilities for cream tempering. Variable speed motor controls for beater blade, buttermilk removal cylinder, first stage working, and second stage working cylinders. Programmable heating and cooling profile for cream tempering.
Specifications: Rated capacity 1.5-2.25 lb. per minute. Butterfat range 36 % -50 %.

Ultra Filtration Unit Ceramic Micro Filtration Unit

General Description: A filtration system using ceramic elements for UF/MF. The system uses one element with 2.2 ft2 of filtration area. The unit can tolerate operating temperatures up to 150 F and meets sanitary design standards.
Specifications: The ceramic system consists of one ceramic element, feed pump, heat exchanger, feed tank and appropriate valves and gauges. The Tami ceramic elements have2.2 ft2 of filtration area.

A list of other elements on hand is available by contact.

Cold BoxFluid Milk Storage (34 to 38 degrees F)

Cheese RoomCheese Room Storage (48 to 52degrees F)

Controlled Boxes Controlled temperature storage - approx. 3,000 sq ft

Fines Separator Sermia cheese/buttermilk fines separator

Single MembraneDDS Ultra Filtration System
(single membrane housing)

UHTMicro Thermics UHT/HTST Direct and Indirect Processing System with an Inline Homogenizer and Clean-Fill Hood with Sterile Product Outlet

Includes Direct/Indirect Heat Exchange, Vacuum flash cooler, Clean Fill Hood, Fluke Data Acquisition System and Recorder, sterilizable, variable speed homogenizer (.8 L 3.3 L/min), extra holding tube from 30 60 sec., s It is capable of processing pudding, cheese sauces, juices, broths, purees, dairy fluids.
High Shear Mixer Silverson High Shear Mixer

Used for pilot batching and reconstitution of ingredients. This piece of equipment handles liquids with varying viscosities and rapidly produces a homogenous product while minimizing aeration. It's unique design makes it ideal for dissolving powders and stabilizers as well as mix, emulsify, and homogenize liquids in one single operation. It is mounted on a floor stand making it flexible in various applications in the pilot plant.

Contact Phil Tong for use of facilities or special or call (805)756-6102.