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Faculty Member : Phillip S. Tong : Profile Picture Phillip S. Tong, Ph.D.
DPTC Director

Office: DPTC, Bldg. 18A-100A Phone: (805) 756-6102
Dr. Tong's current research interests include bioseparation processes, Frozen dessert technology, Dairy chemistry & technology. His teaching interests are in the chemistry and technology of dairy foods and related subjects, food engineering, new food product development, and short courses and symposia for the dairy foods industry.

Faculty Member : Nana Y. Farkye, : Profile Picture Nana Y. Farkye, Ph.D.

Office: DPTC, Bldg. 18A-100D
(805) 756-6100
Dr. Farkye's areas of specialization are dairy chemistry and technology, cheese technology and ripening, and dairy fermentations. His recent interests are in the areas of specialty cheeses, Hispanic cheeses, cheese flavor development, dairy fermentations, and food enzymology.

Faculty Member : Rafael Jimenez-Flores, : Profile Picture Rafael Jimenez-Flores, Ph.D.

Office: DPTC, Bldg. 18A-100C
Phone: (805) 756-6103

Main interest academically has been the chemistry of milk proteins, their structure, function and interaction with other components.


Name Title Email Phone
Matt Arnold Research Associate (805) 756-2584
Kristen Herbaugh Administrative Program Assistant (805) 756-6101
Andrea Laubscher Research Associate (805) 756-6097
Kristina Soper Dairy Ingredients Applications Specialist (805) 756-6109
Vandna Sikand, Ph.D. Research Scientist (805) 756-6098
Sean Vink Research Associate (805) 756-6104