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State of the Art Complex

Our 21,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, known as the Dairy Products Technology Center (DPTC) is exclusively dedicated to dairy foods research, technology transfer, and education.

This is one of the most up-to-date dairy product technology facility at academic institutions in the United States. It includes a 7,000 square foot area for pilot plant research and well equipped analytical laboratories and sensory evaluation area. A fully operational 120 cow dairy farm is adjacent to the DPTC and provides unique capabilities for Cal Poly to study dairy farm issues on processing properties on milk and milk products.

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The Dairy Products Technology Center includes a modern processing area which consists of:
  • 1800 square foot fluid milk processing area
  • 600 gal/hr HTST pasteurization system with state of the art process control system
  • 1200 square foot area for butter and ice cream production
  • 200 gal/hr continuous ice cream freezer with fruit feeder and varigator
  • Egli continuous butter churn rated @ 1.5 lbs/minute
  • 1000 square foot cheese processing room containing cheese vats ranging in size from 50 gallons to 1000gallons
  • 2500 square foot pilot plant
  • Niro filter mat and cyclone spray dryer rated @ 100 lbs. of water removal/hr.
  • 30 liter per hour pasteurization system equipped with continuous ice cream freezer
  • Rising film vacuum evaporator rated @ 150lbs. of water removal/hr
  • Membrane processing systems (ultra filtration and reverse osmosis)
  • Stretch cooker and mixer molder for pasta filata cheeses such as mozzarella
  • Brining of steam kettles for small batch preparation
  • Over 1500 square feet of refrigerated and frozen product storage areas for controlled shelf-life studies
  • Four fully equipped analytical laboratories for routine quality testing, and more sophisticated analyses of physical, chemical and microbiological properties of milk and milk components are available to support and conduct projects
  • A sensory evaluation laboratory along with preparation area are available for consumer evaluation of dairy food products
  • 1200 square foot conference room is utilized for the Center's short courses and symposia which are a part of our industry outreach effort.

Contact Phil Tong for use of facilities or special projects or call (805)756-6102.