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Dairy Product Prototypes

Prototypes Using Dairy Ingredients

Objectives: Formulate and deliver a variety of application prototypes using dairy ingredients.
The prototypes will be promoted for the dairy ingredients and the fact sheets/formula sheets can be used to provide technical assistance for end-users using dairy ingredients and manufacturers of dairy products.

Summary of Project: Develop prototypes that reflect current marketing trends using dairy ingredients.
Formulation and technical sheets will accompany the prototypes. The prototype samples and fact sheets will be used for trade shows, presentations and demonstrations. The prototypes were used to reinforce to food product developers that dairy ingredients are versatile and functional in new product formulations. The prototypes have been shown at both national and local trade shows as well as events at the Dairy Products Technology Center, Cal Poly.

Product Information Sheets

Beverages Snacks and Desserts Bakery
Mint Protini (NEW) Protein Pretzel (NEW)
Oatmeal Breakfast Beverage (PDF) Strawberry Bite (PDF) Cheesy Bread Bites (PDF)
Honey Lavender Soothie (PDF) Dairy Chew (PDF) Low Sodium, High Protein Bread Roll (PDF)
Spiced Chi Tea Beverage Mix (PDF) Wheme brulee (PDF) Lavosh (Thin Bread) (PDF)
High Protein Recovery Beverages (PDF) Gluten Free Brownies (PDF) Crackers (PDF)
Meal Replacement Beverage (PDF) Protein Enriched Brownie (PDF) Biscuits (PDF)
Calcium Enriched Hot Cocoa (PDF) Chocolate Chip Cookie (PDF) Roti Bread (PDF)
Smoothie Mix (PDF) Sugar Cookie (PDF)

Unleavened Bread (PDF)
Mocha Cappuccino Mix (PDF) High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie (PDF) White Bread (PDF)
Meat Replacements
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (PDF) Cheese Scone (PDF)
Breakfast Patty (PDF) Pound Cake (PDF) Cheese Scone (PDF)
Whey Protein Patty (PDF) Coffee Cake (PDF) Muffin (PDF)
Moofu (PDF) Cheesy Pizza Dip (PDF) Breakfast
Italian Protein Ball (PDF) Gluten Free Yellow Cake (PDF)

Yogurt Waffle (PDF)
Dips, Sauces, and Spreads Yellow Cake (PDF) Whevos rancheros (PDF)
Cream Cheese Filling (PDF) Reduced Fat English Toffee Ice Cream with Probiotics (PDF) High Protein Energy Bar (PDF)
Chocolate Frosting (PDF) Gluten Free Chocolate Cake (PDF)Other
Vanilla Frosting (PDF)Bread Pudding (PDF) Reduced Fat Pepper Jack N Mac (PDF)
Mocha Caramel (PDF)
Savory Yogurt (PDF)

For questions regarding the Dairy Ingredients Application Program contact: Phil Tong at 805-756-6102 or E-mail