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Applications Program

Supporting products using Dairy

The goal of this program is to provide technical support to manufacturers, users, and marketers of dairy-based powders and concentrates.

The Dairy Ingredients Applications Program provides technical assistance to help meet the needs of the dairy industry by providing applications and processing support, communicating key benefits and advantages of formulating with dairy ingredients and assisting in developing products that will help boost competiveness of dairy ingredients in the global food industry.

This will be done by improving the quality and transfer of technical information on fundamental properties and uses of dairy ingredients; developing and demonstrating applications of dairy ingredients in food products, working with food product development professionals to facilitate the successful application of dairy ingredients in food products; and conducting specialized training on dairy ingredients applications.

Product and Process Development Services:
  • Product and process technical development, troubleshooting and prototypes
  • Recommendations for use of dairy ingredients in specific food applications
  • Support for nutritional labeling
  • Answers to technical questions regarding dairy ingredients
  • Evaluation of dairy ingredient performance and quality
  • Dairy ingredient processing to address end user needs
  • Educational programs to address basic questions on dairy ingredient composition, manufacture, functionality and use
  • Liaison between suppliers/marketers and end users

Dairy Ingredients Faxes

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Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (PDF) Calcium-Enriched Dairy Ingredients (PDF)
China: A Growing Market for Dairy Products & Ingredients (PDF) Particle Sizes of Milk Powders (PDF)
Energy and Protein Bars: Formulating with SMP (PDF) Live Active Cultures: Beyond Yogurt (PDF)
CA Farm Equipment and International Expo (PDF) Bulk Density (PDF)

For questions regarding the Dairy Ingredients Application Program contact: Phil Tong at 805-756-6102 or E-mail