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What do former students say about DPTC?

Andrew Yeung BS '02; MS '05, Research Fellow, FDA/CFSAN
Division of Plant & Dairy Food Safety, Office of Food Safety, Washington, DC

"The education and research training at DPTC is invaluable and enables me to establish a meaningful career in dairy."
Eleanore Brophy MS '06
Sr. Scientist, Kraft Foods, Glenview, IL

"I would have not been able to enter the dairy and food industries without the DPTC. . . without the education and applied dairy science projects from the DPTC, I would not have the job I have today."
Ginger Jinjarak MS '06
Sensory Scientist, Cacique Foods, Inc. Industry, CA

"Although I was not a dairy science major, I appreciate its science and am thankful for the support for my research largely due to the funding, resources and education offered to students through the DPTC."
Elizabeth Ng MS '09
Daisy Sour Cream, Dallas, TX

"During my graduate program at DPTC, I had the opportunities to learn different instruments and techniques from my own project as well as from others, and this has helped me to become a true scientist."
Annie Bienvenue MS '02
Director, Ingredients Marketing, US Dairy Export Council, Arlington, VA

"The DPTC was instrumental in assisting me to launch my career as a dairy scientist for the benefit of the U.S. dairy industry. During my Master's studies with Drs. Jimenez and Tong, as advisors, I expanded my dairy science and dairy manufacturing knowledge... It helped me improve my analytical and processing skills while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills."