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About Us

Our People

The Center is led by a Director and 3 full time tenure track faculty. It has 10 full time research staff, 15-20 graduate students (MS), and several undergraduate students involved in its activities. Recently it established a 17 member Industry Advisory Council to help guide program direction of the Center.

What we're doing

Instruction - Fundamental principles and practices used in dairy product technology (undergraduate and graduate courses, student research projects).

Research and Development - Dairy foods product/process research and development (senior thesis projects, graduate student thesis projects, industry sponsored projects, collaborative projects with U.C. Davis and industry, proprietary research and development projects.
Current Areas of Reseach Focus
Cheese Technology - (e.g. flavor, texture, yield, functional properties)
Process Development - (e.g. membrane processes, heat treatments)
Product Development - (e.g. frozen desserts, new uses of dairy products)

Technology Transfer - Dairy short courses and symposia for industry personnel, demonstration and testing of new technological advances.