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25 Years of DPTC Celebration

Celebrity Chef Alton Brown's Visit to Cal Poly Campus Includes Student Event

According to Food Network star Alton Brown, if he was left on an island and only had one food it would be cheese!  Alton Brown blends the science and art of food folklore and comedy making him the perfect complement to the week’s events as part of the 25 year celebration of the Dairy Products Technology Center.  The DPTC, Cal Poly Arts, and ASI hosted a student event with Alton Brown who appears on Food Network shows that include Good Eats, Iron Chef America, Feasting on Asphalt, Feasting on Waves, Next Iron Chef. The event that was held in the MAC room at the Rec Center was free for students.

The student session for Alton Brown was a huge success. Nearly 800 students came to listen to him speak and meet him afterwards. I was also pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and funny Alton was. Overall, it was a great event,” according to Sarah McAtee, ASI Events Outreach Supervisor.

That sentiment was echoed by Emma Sandquist, a 2nd Year Food Science Major, “The whole event became an exciting social connection as well as an inspirational moment for students working hard to enter the field. His humor, open discussion, his confidence for a field not well understood by the public reinforced something we already knew; we love food, we love science and we love what we're learning.

Robert Sanchez, fourth year food science major said, “Mr. Brown's ability to bring food science to the American people in a digestible form cannot be questioned.  More surprisingly, he was captivating with his use of relevant humor for the college audience that sat in front of him last Friday.  His greatest gift to the audience, in my eyes, was emphasis on the question ‘why’.  As soon to be industry professionals, we need to constantly pursue the why in our endeavors, as Alton Brown did on his journey to success on The Food Network.”

“For Food Science majors, almost all of us watched Alton Brown's show Good Eats, most of us can claim that he was our reason for choosing such a major, so it was the most exciting thing in our lives when our inspiration was actually coming to Cal Poly. In the student presentation, the first three rows from the left, right and center were in majority, food science, dairy science and nutrition students. Both presentations were not only hilarious but equally informing. I am pretty sure my friends and I could mark this as the best day of our lives,” explained food science student Adam Yee.  He went on to say, “Alton Brown knows his stuff, and can present it in a way that is hilariously entertaining. He is a cook, a scientist, an actor and a comedian all bundled in one geeky package."

After his presentation, he proceeded with a book signing.  As a true testament to his integrity, he stayed until every student who wanted a photo or something signed had made it through the seemingly never ending line.

He later gave a performance at the Performing Arts Center outlining his Top 10 Myths of Food Science.  "Alton Brown's presentation on his top 10 food science myths was very enlightening and sparked conversation within the audience, which was very easy for us since Alton's humorous charisma was so welcoming.  It was a great and fun celebration of the DPTC," said Geoffrey Elliot a second year dairy science student. 

“The Alton Brown student event was a smashing success!! It was wonderful to see the strong turn out from our Cal Poly students and the excitement and enthusiasm that they demonstrated while engaged with Alton.” According to event organizer Amy Lammert, PhD.