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Alton Brown Reception

25 Years of DPTC Celebration

Celebrity Chef Alton Brown Visits Cal Poly Campus

On Friday, October 26the, Alton Brown, the Food Network’s favorite foodie, was on campus for two special events hosted by DPTC, Cal Poly Arts. He did a special presentation for the students, in the afternoon, and then a ticketed event later that night.

Prior to the evening performance the University President, Jeffery D. Armstrong addressed guests at a 25 year DPTC reception. "I've been told over and over again and now I've seen it, that Cal Poly grads take 6-12 months less training and it's all because of the dedication of our faculty and our staff here at the university and the Dairy Products Technology Center." He went on to say, "The success of the Dairy Products Technology Center as a byproduct of collaboration… that's the way we are looking at the future. For Cal Poly to continue to be the best, to continue to turn out these resourceful professionals and innovative leaders we've got to collaborate even more and we have to solidify these partnerships."

Dr. Phil Tong reflected on the event, "This was a special evening to have university leaders, industry leaders, and our DPTC family together for the evening. Having President Armstrong spend the evening with us and to speak so highly of the DPTC team, its value to the university, and site the DPTC as a prime example of Cal Poly's "learn by doing" philosophy and partnership with industry was extremely gratifying to me."

After the reception, the group joined the sold out crowd for Alton Brown's performance at the Performing Arts Center outlining his Top 10 Myths of Food Science. "Alton Brown's presentation on his top 10 food science myths was very enlightening and sparked conversation within the audience, which was very easy for us since Alton's humorous charisma was so welcoming. It was a great and fun celebration of the DPTC," said Geoffrey Elliot a second year dairy science student.

According to Alton Brown, if he was left on island and only had one food it would be cheese! Alton Brown blends the science and art of food folklore and comedy making him the perfect complement to the week's events.

Alton Brown Reception Alton Brown Reception
Alton Brown and Albert Straus Gene Starkey & Alton Brown

Alton Brown Reception

Alton Brown Reception

Alton Brown Reception