Don Hartig

Most of what I have done lately is related, in one way or another, to our Math 244 and 344. This is a sequence tailored to engineering and science majors that includes many of the standard topics in elementary differential equations and linear algebra as well as selected topics that traditionally are listed under the heading of "Advanced Engineering Mathematics".

  1. The project that is currently taking up most of my spare time is a supplement to Math 344 that introduces students to Fourier series and Integrals as natural extensions of least squares approximations in n-space. One day it may become a useful addition to the mathematics literature.
  2. When not working on the Fourier analysis supplement I am writing handouts for the lab sessions that accompany my classes in Math 244 and 344 (as well as Math 418...pdes, and Math 206...elementary linear algebra). These handouts have sometimes taken the form of a lab manual, I have several on my hard drive. But lately, manuals have been replaced with simple, and short, handouts. These seem to be less intimidating and convey most of the same information. Less is more.
  3. In any event, I have a wealth of material that could form the basis for a Maple manual and I have written several for publication. Two differential equations manuals are published on-line, one to accompany Glenn Ledder's "Differential Equations: A Modeling Approach" and another as a companion to Steven Krantz and George Simmons' "Differential Equations: Theory, Technique, and Practise". I also wrote the solutions manual for Krantz/Simmons. A third Maple manual, this one for calculus, has been published by Addison-Wesley to accompany Thomas' Calculus (updated in 2007).
  4. Finally, let me tell you about the Great Maple Book. I have started it twice but each time Maple developers have issued a new version and now 2D math entry works like it should. Since it is safe for a new user, the great book should use it too, and it will in the third iteration. Two chapters are written and the whole enchilada has been blocked out so I know where I am going. A big push will be made this Spring when I teach Math 350, our course in mathematical software. Get ready.