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What is Service Learning?
Service Learning is a teaching and learning method that links course content to the community through involvement in organized service activities intended to enhance the academic experience and encourage participation in the community. The terms "community-based learning" and "service learning" can be used interchangeably.

How does service learning differ from traditional community service projects or internships?
Service learning is devoted to connecting coursework with real world service projects to enhance the effectiveness of the learning experience. Volunteerism provides service to the community, but does not offer opportunities to reflect upon the service. Internships are academically driven, making the community service the second priority. Service learning combines academic focus with community service and provides time for reflection, creating a fulfilling learning experience.

What courses can have service learning components?
Service learning can be integrated into most courses. The Academic Senate considers a course to be a service learning course if the community service component relates to the academic learning objectives of the course and is integrated with the academic content through reflection.

Why should I incorporate community-based learning into my curriculum?
See the "Benefits and Incentives" section of the overview.

Where can I go for help with planning and creating a Service Learning course?
The Center for Teaching and Learning offers workshops that can assist you in many areas of teaching. They will soon be offering community-based learning workshops which will offer help with planning and developing your Service Learning course. For more information, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

How do I execute my Service Learning course?
Contact the Community CENTER. They can answer any questions you have about starting up your Service Learning course and help you register and finalize your course.

How do you prepare students to serve?
It is important for students to know what to expect before they begin their service assignments. Make time for training sessions and role-playing activities to prepare them for the service. Invite the community partner contact to speak to the students about what is expected of them.

How do I find a community partner?
Local non-profit organizations make excellent community partners. When choosing a community partner, consider the type of experience you want the students to be a part of. If you have any questions or need help finding a community partner, contact the Community CENTER.

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