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President's Community Service Award

Each Spring, select faculty, students, and community members are recognized for their efforts in serving the community during the previous academic year. The Community Service Award is presented to these individuals by Cal Poly President Warren J. Baker at a special ceremony on campus. The following individuals are all faculty recipients this prestigious award.

Team Awards

Department of Materials Engineering Team (2008 Award Winners)

A team of faculty members from the Department of Materials Engineering received the President's Community Service Award because they exemplify "a service learning engaged department".

They have accomplished a major curriculum transformation by successfully integrating service learning and project based learning in half of the courses that the department offers. Students in their first year, have a significant service learning experience in MATE 120/130, introducing them to the important ethical tenet of the National Society of Professional Engineers of "placing society's welfare above all other considerations". Courses such as MATE 424, "Museums Design" offer juniors and seniors additional opportunities to reinforce this important ethical tenet in their "learning by serving". "Museum Designs" has also been offered as a UNIV course, allowing students and faculty from across campus to participate in this important activity. Evidence is emerging from this work to indicate the importance of these curricular changes in the development of students as 21st century professionals.

This team is and will continue to have a significant impact not only on current and future students in their department but students and faculty colleagues from across campus as well as their community partners. Their work beautifully exemplifies "a service learning engaged department".

Kathy Chen

Rich Savage

Linda Vanasupa

Trevor Harding

Will Hughes

Individual Awards

Karen Christian (2008)

2008 Award Winner

Tom Trice (2008)

2008 Award Winner

Phil Barlow (2008)

2008 Award Winner

Cynthia Moyer (2007)

2007 Award Winner

Lou Rosenburg (2007)

2007 Award Winner

Shawn Burn (2006)

2006 Award Winner

Susan Duffy (2006)

Susan Duffy received the President's Community Service Award for her dedication and commitment to creating the Central Coast Center for Arts Education (CCCAE). In the 2005-2006 year, the CCCAE worked collaboratively with the People's Self Help Housing Organization to start an after-school arts program for the children at the Los Adobes de Maria housing site in Santa Maria.

Roya Javadpour (2005)

Industrial engineering professor Roya Javadpour received the President's Community Service Award for her outstanding work creating the Poly House project. Javadpour and her project management class undertake a home renovation service project each year.

Nina Truch (2005)

Nina Truch received the President's Community Service Award for her innovation in integrating service in her speech classes. Truch's first class project was launching a fundraiser for Tsumani relief. Since then, she has approached each of her classes with an open invitation to create their own service projects.

Clare Batista (2005)

2005 Award Winner


Brian Dietterick (2004)

2004 Award Winner



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