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Created on Aug 15, 2012
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Membership Directory
Name Job Where Phone Numbers Email addresses
Agbo, Samuel Professor Electrical Engineering 756-1528
Allen, Preston Assistant VP Student Affairs;ExecutiveDirector University Housing 756-1226 / 756-1521
Allen, Regulus Assistant Professor English 756-1436
Brooks, Everette Coordinator of Clubs & Organizations Student Life and Leadership 756-7009
Caldwell, Roslyn Assistant Professor Psychology & Child Development 756-2686
Campbell, Denise Associate Vice President Student Affairs 756-1521
Campbell-Monza, Renoda Coordinator of Multicultural Center Student Life and Leadership 756-2014
Davis, Donna Coordinator/Academic Advisor Connections for Academic Success 756-6774
Drake, Judy Library Assistant, Access Services Kennedy Library - Reserves 756-5790
Duke, Juliette Associate Director University Housing - Apartment Life and Education 756-6796
Fowler, Tom Associate Prof Architecture 756-2981
Glasgow, Sharon Accounting Technician Administration and Finance 756-6091
Harris, Terrance Admissions Officer Admissions & Recruitment 756-2767
Harris, Walter Associate Director of Admissions Admissions & Recruitment 756-5107
Hooker, Wil Assistant Coach Athletics - Men's Basketball 756-6559
Howard, John Refrigeration Mechanic Facility Services 756-2321
Isom, Denise Professor Ethnic Studies 756-1476
Kaufman, Mel Coaching Assistant Athletics - Football 756-2049
LaRose, Longette Advancement Coordinator College of Science & Math 756-7375
Lee, Shandrika T. Coaching Assistant - Women's Basketball Athletics 756-7218
Morton, Cornel Vice President for Student Affairs Student Affairs 756-1521
Munroe, Patrick Professor Journalism 756-2056
Mwangi, James P. Assistant Professor Architectural Engineering 756-7636
Nuworsoo, Cornelius Assistant Professor City and Region Planning 756-2573
O'Bryant, Camille Department Chair and Associate Professor Kinesiology 756-1787
Oriji, John Lecturer History 756-1599
Pierce, Melissa Admissions Officer Admissions & Recruitment 756-5817
Quarles, Markel Career Counselor, Lecturer Career Services 756-5971
Roberts, Rachel Administrative Assistant University Housing and PCV-Housing & Business Services 756-9326/756-9320
Shaw, Julie Coaching Assistant - Women's Basketball Athletics 756-7218
Shoals, Staci Systems Administrator Financial Aid Officer 756-1531
Stewart, Patricia Coordinator/ Academic Advisor Academic Skills Center 756-1256
Walls, Richard Coordinator ITS-Administration 756-2121
Waters, Amber Coordinator of Student Development Cerro Vista 756-5661
Williams, Danny Assistant Coach - Track and Field Athletics 756-6501