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Prof. Tony Samuel

Professor of Pure Mathematics
(Assistant Professor)

Erdös Number: 3
Path: T. SamuelK. Falconer ↦ H. Croft ↦ P. Erdös

Erdös-Bacon Number: + ∞
Path: None

Project Euler: Level 1
43 Solved Problems

Mathematics Department
California Polytechnic State University
Faculty Offices East, Building 25, Room 310
San Luis Obispo
CA 93407-0403

Tel.: +1-805-756-5189
Fax: +1-805-756-6537

E-Mail: ajsamuel @ calpoly.edu

Undergraduate Summer Research Programs

If you are an undergraduate (or 4+1) student at California Polytechnic University interested in particpating in mathematical reseach this summer, Erin Pearse and I are offering a couple of research positions. See math.calpoly.edu/summer-research for further details on the program and how to apply.

Visiting Positions

Prior Academic Appointments

Prior Non-academic Appointments