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California Polytechnic State University
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2007-09 Catalog Course Descriptions

Effective Summer 2007

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Experimental Courses
(Summer 2007 through Spring 2009)
Valid academic courses that are not included in the University Catalog. They provide an opportunity for experimentation without delays for courses that are necessary, before new courses and programs can be reviewed for inclusion in the University Catalog.

470, 570 Courses
(Summer 2007 through Spring 2009)
Selected topics courses are academic credit-bearing courses in the Cal Poly catalog that provide a generic course vehicle to offer special topics on an "as needed basis." The most common selected topics courses are 470, 471, 570, 571, are available to all academic programs, and have the same generic course description. The specific topic title appears in the Class Schedule and on the students' transcripts.


AERO - Aerospace Engineering

AG - Agriculture

AGB - Agribusiness

AGC - Agricultural Communication

AGED - Agricultural Education

ANT - Anthropology

ARCE - Architectural Engineering

ARCH - Architecture

ART - Art

ASCI - Animal Science

ASTR - Astronomy and Astrophysics


BIO - Biology

BMED - Biomedical Engineering

BOT - Botany

BRAE - BioResource and Agricultural Engineering

BUS - Business


CD - Child Development

CE - Civil Engineering

CHEM - Chemistry

CM - Construction Management

COMS - Communication Studies

CPE - Computer Engineering

CRP - City and Regional Planning

CRSC - Crop Science

CSC - Computer Science


DANC - Dance

DSCI - Dairy Science


ECON - Economics

EDES - Environmental Design

EDUC - Education

EE - Electrical Engineering

EHS - Environmental Horticultural Science

ENGL - English

ENGR - Engineering

ENVE - Environmental Engineering

ERSC - Earth Sciences

ES - Ethnic Studies


FNR - Forestry and Natural Resources

FR - French

FRSC - Fruit Science

FSN - Food Science


GEOG - Geography

GEOL - Geology

GER - German

GRC - Graphic Communication

GSA - Graduate Studies, Accounting

GSB - Graduate Studies, Business


HCS - Horticulture and Crop Science

HIST - History

HNRC - Honors Contract

HNRS - Honors

HUM - Humanities


IME - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

IS - Interdisciplinary Studies

IT - Industrial Technology

ITAL - Italian


JPNS - Japanese

JOUR - Journalism


KINE - Kinesiology


LA - Landscape Architecture

LAES - Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies NEW!

LIB - Library

LS - Liberal Studies


MATE - Materials Engineering

MATH - Mathematics

MCRO - Microbiology

ME - Mechanical Engineering

MLL - Modern Languages and Literatures

MSL - Military Science

MU - Music


PE - Physical Education
(also see KINE)
PEM -- PE Men
PEW -- PE Women

PHIL - Philosophy

PHYS - Physics

PM - Poultry Management

POLS - Political Science

PPSC - Plant Protection Science

PSC - Physical Science

PSY - Psychology


REC - Recreation Administration

RELS - Religious Studies


SCM - College of Science and Mathematics

SOC - Sociology

SOCS - Social Sciences

SPAN - Spanish

SS - Soil Science

STAT - Statistics


TH - Theatre


UNIV - University Studies


VGSC - Vegetable Science

VS - Veterinary Science


WS - Women's Studies

WVIT - Wine and Viticulture


ZOO - Zoology