Economics Area, College of Business
Business Bldg. (03), Room 407
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This minor is designed to give students from other majors a general competency in economics. Its principle intent is to help meet the growing demand for secondary school teachers of economics. Students completing the minor will satisfy the state requirements for a supplementary authorization to teach economics in California high schools. For more information, contact the Economics Department.



Required courses


ECON 105 Personal and Consumer Economics (4)


ECON 211 Principles of Economics (D.3.) (3)


ECON 212 Macroeconomics (3)


ECON 304 Comparative Economic Systems (D.4.b.) (3)


ECON 337 Money, Banking and Credit (4)


Approved electives (choose any two courses)


ECON 323 Economic History of the Advanced World (4)


ECON 324 American Economic History (4)


ECON 325 Underdevelopment and Economic Growth (D.4.b.) (3)


ECON 431 Environmental Economics (4)


ECON 432 Economics of Energy and Resources (4)


ECON 401 International Trade (4)


ECON 413 Labor Economics (4)