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Effective Summer Quarter 2005

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2005-07 Catalog
2005-07 Courses
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Aerospace Engineering: BS, -- MS

Agribusiness: MS, -- Minor

Agricultural Business: BS

Agricultural Communication: Minor

Agricultural Education -- see Agricultural Science

Agricultural Engineering -- see Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Science: BS

Agricultural Systems Management: BS

Agriculture: MS

Animal Science: BS

Anthropology/Geography: Minor

Architectural Engineering: BS

Architecture: B.Arch., -- MS, -- Architectural Management Track

Art: Minor

Art and Design: BFA

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Biochemistry: BS

Biological Sciences: BS, -- MS

Biology: Minor

Biomedical Engineering: BS

Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering: BS

Biotechnology: Minor

Business: Minor

Business Administration: BS, -- MBA, -- MBA/MS


Chemistry: BS

Child Development: BS, -- Minor

City and Regional Planning: BS, -- MCRP, -- MCRP/MS, -- Minor

Civil and Environmental Engineering: MS

Civil Engineering: BS

Communication Studies: BA, -- Minor

Comparative Ethnic Studies: BA

Computer Engineering: BS

Computer Science: BS, -- MS, -- Minor

Construction Management: BS, -- Minor

Crop Science: BS, -- Minor

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Dairy Science: BS, -- Minor

Dance: Minor


Earth Science: BS

Ecology and Systematic Biology -- see Biological Sciences

Economics: BS, -- Minor

Education: MA, -- EdD, -- Teaching Credentials Programs, -- Specialist Education Credentials

Electrical Engineering: BS, -- MS

Engineering: MS, -- Blended BS+MS, -- MCRP/MS

Engineering Management: MBA/MS

Engineering Science -- see General Engineering

English: BA, -- MA, -- Minor

Environmental Design: Minor

Environmental Engineering: BS

Environmental Horticultural Science: BS

Environmental Management & Protection: BS

Environmental Studies: Minor

Equine Science: Minor

Ethnic Studies: Minor --See also Comparative Ethnic Studies

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Food Science: BS, -- Minor

Foreign Languages -- see French, German, Spanish, and Modern Languages & Literatures

Forestry and Natural Resources: BS

Forestry Sciences: MS

French: Minor

Fruit Science: BS, -- Minor


General Engineering: BS

Geographic Information Systems for Agriculture: Minor

Geography -- see Anthropology/Geography

Geology: Minor

German: Minor

Gerontology: Minor

Graphic Communication: BS, -- Minor

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History: BA, -- MA, -- Minor

Human Development: (see Child Development)

(Humanities) Values, Technology and Society: Minor


Industrial and Technical Studies: MS

Industrial Engineering: BS, -- MS

Industrial Technology: BS, -- Minor

Integrated Project Delivery: Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies: BA

International Relations: Minor


Journalism: BS


Kinesiology: BS, -- MS

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Land Rehabilitation: Minor

Landscape Architecture: BLA

Law and Society: Minor

Liberal Studies: BA, -- BS

Linguistics: Minor


Manufacturing Engineering: BS

Materials Engineering: BS

Mathematics: BS, -- MS, -- Minor

Meat Science & Processing: Minor

Mechanical Engineering: BS, -- MS

Microbiology: BS, -- Minor

Military Science: Four-Year Program, -- Minor

Modern Languages and Literatures: BA -- see also French, German, Spanish

MPP -- see Public Policy

Multidisciplinary Design: Minor

Music: BA, -- Minor

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Natural Resources -- see Forestry and Natural Resources

Nutritional Science: BS, -- Minor


Ornamental Horticulture -- see Environmental Horticultural Science

Ornamental Plant Production: Minor


Packaging: Minor

Philosophy: BA, -- Minor

Physical Education -- see Kinesiology

Physical Science: BS

Physics: BS, -- BA, -- Minor

Plant Protection: BS, -- Minor

Political Science: BA

Polymers & Coatings Science: MS

Poultry Management: Minor

Psychology: BS, -- MS, -- Minor

Public Policy: MPP

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Rangeland Resources: Minor

Real Property Development: Minor

Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration: BS

Religious Studies: Minor


Social Sciences: BS

Sociology: Minor

Software Engineering: BS

Soil Science: BS, -- Minor

Spanish: Minor

Speech Communication -- see Communication Studies

Statistics: BS, -- Minor

Sustainable Environments: Minor

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Theatre: Minor

Theatre Arts: BA

Transportation Planning: MCRP/MS


Values, Technology and Society: Minor


Water Science: Minor

Western Intellectual Tradition: Minor

Wine and Viticulture: BS, -- Minor

Women's Studies: Minor

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