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Our Alumni

Learn about Cal Poly alumni and their accomplishments after graduation. Famous alumni careers range from astronauts to successful businesses founders.

Do Carry It with You

After graduation, Cal Poly students launch into professional careers, businesses, research projects, graduate schools, and successful lives. The Learn by Doing ethos continues to inform the paths our alumni pursue, and they keep the friendships they start here.

They also learn by succeeding. Median starting salary for recent graduates was $51,000 (beating all other CSU and UC campuses) and mid-career salaries for Cal Poly alumni are better than all UC and CSU campuses except Berkeley and UC San Diego - and better than many private universities. More than half of Cal Poly seniors have a job offer in hand before they graduate - even in today’s difficult economy.

When you Learn by Doing, there’s continuity between your learning life and your doing life. After Cal Poly, alumni follow paths that may take them anywhere in the world (even into orbit, for the astronauts among us), yet many remain based in California.

Where Do You Find Cal Poly Alumni?

Next door:

  • More than 14,000 alumni live in San Luis Obispo County

On the air:

  • Laura Diaz, EMMY® Award-winning journalist and news anchor, KCBS, Los Angeles
  • Kathy Sabine, EMMY® Award-winning meteorologist, KUSA, Denver, Colorado
  • Michelle Franzen, National correspondent, NBC News
  • Brian Hackney, 11-time EMMY® Award-winner, science correspondent for KCBS, San Francisco. Former co-host of "Newton's Apple," PBS

In flight:

  • Robert “Hoot” Gibson, NASA astronaut and shuttle commander (retired), pilot, and ambassador for the Academy of Model Aeronautics
  • Frederick Rick “C.J.” Sturckow, NASA astronaut
  • Burt Rutan, Founder and chairman emeritus, Scaled Composites; designer of SpaceShipOne, winner of the $10-million Ansari X-prize

In public office:

  • Former Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado
  • U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes, representing California’s 21st District
  • U.S. Congressman Jeff Denham, representing California’s 19th District
  • California State Senator Doug La Malfa

In technology:

  • Richard Bergquist, Founder and former CTO, PeopleSoft
  • Noel Lee, President and founder, Monster Cable
  • Gary Bloom, Former Vice Chairman and President, Symantec Corporation
  • Neel (Bubba) Murarka, Mobile product development, Facebook

In business:

  • Elizabeth D. Carey, Executive Director of Engineering, Cummins, Inc. Power Generation Division
  • Linda Ozawa Olds, Kevin Peters, and Joseph Vergara, Founders, Jamba Juice
  • James W. Boswell, President, J.G. Boswell Company
  • R. Jim Considine, Chairman, First Western Trust Bank, Downtown Los Angeles

On the farm:

  • Monty Roberts, Author, The Man Who Listens to Horses; owner, Flag Is Up Farms Company
  • George Foster, Owner, George Foster Farms
  • Sally Fox, Natural cotton innovator, founder of Foxfibre® and Vreseis, Ltd.

In the winners’ circle:

  • “Ozzie” Smith, Former St. Louis Cardinal, National Baseball Hall of Fame member
  • John Madden, Pro football coach, television sports commentator (retired)
  • Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, Ultimate Fighting champion (retired)
  • Loren Roberts, PGA and Champions Tour golfer, Senior British Open champion (2006, 2009)

Around the world:

  • Hon. Virgilio L. Peña, Chairman, Commission on Information & Communication Technology, Office of the President, the Philippines
  • Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika, Republic of Zambia Ambassador to Belgium